Forensic investigations performed for:

  • Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement
  • Criminal Investigators
  • Law Firms
  • Civil Litigants
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banking Institutions and Regulators
  • Auditors and Accounting Firms
  • Corporations
  • Small and Medium Businesses


Business & Corporate Compliance Issues
Employee fraud – Embezzlement – Proprietary business property theft

According to a 2008 report conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, it revealed that businesses were lost $994 billion dollars to fraud by employees.

Not only that, but the average time a fraud continues before it is detected, is 18 months!

Need to investigate any of these common thefts?

  • Embezzling of a company’s funds.
  • Selling tips, tricks, and formulas to a competing company.
  • Using a company’s time, equipment, and money to start a business.
  • Intentionally sabotaging the company the employee works for.


Compliance regulations and agreements between employees and employers are created to maintain accountability and other procedures within the business or corporation. However, these regulations are constantly being compromised by employees, including managers.

We are here to help with employee fraud investigations and analysis of computer evidence to identify and uncover compliance issues. Whether the issue is within the accounting department or elsewhere in the business, we are here to investigate, uncover and help solve compliance issues.

Accounting Discrepencies
Missing or unexplained financial statements.
Modified and back-dated documents.

Business corruption
Managers and employees seek to create a bad name for the company, and even overthrow the business.
Employees stealing, sharing or reveling proprietary company information to competitors.
Employees taking contacts, contracts and other company property to start their own business.
Taking your business secvrets to a new employer.
Using company time to start their own business in direct competition.

Recent studies indicate that approximately 80% of all corporate information exists in a digital form, while 93% of all new corporate information is created digitally. Almost any company in today’s world suffers from some type of compliance or employee theft issue. The severity of the case and size of the company determines the actions and procedures necessary to investigate the problem and uncover the evidence needed to prove your case and correct the problem.

In today’s electronic world, the evidence needed to prevail in a matter will likely be stored electronically. Traditional physical evidence does not degrade through observation and analysis, but electronic evidence can be compromised simply by opening, viewing, copying, or printing the information. That's why the first step is to capture a forensic image of the computers in question.


Common cases include:
Embezzling company’s funds.
Selling tips, tricks, and formulas to a competing company.
Using a company’s time, equipment, and money to start a business.
Intentionally sabotaging the company the employee works for.
Back-dating and modifying documents and financial information.


Forensic accounting
Forensic accounting is the beginning step in uncovering evidence of corporate employee embezzlement. It helps to establish a starting point of where to concentrate our investigative efforts to uncover the right evidence so we don't waste your time or money.

Earnings management & reconstruction of financial data
Employees who are committing fraudulent activities will try their best to hide or manipulate records and reports so that the missing funds and documents will not be noticed. This is where a computer forensic investigation comes in. Our team of computer forensic experts carefully and precisely goes through all reports to discover any red flags. Once any loop holes are established, the forensic team begins to dig deeper, until everything can be accurately put back together.Just remember, 93% of new corporate data is stored digitally. This is a huge number, which also means that Computer Forensics Associates can identify the compliance issue and where it stemmed from.


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Forensic Imaging
Forensic imaging is usually done at the sector level. A bit-stream copy of the entire media being imaged and not just a duplication of the data or file system is created.

Computer Forensic Process
We can capture and collect data virtually from any location within the United States. If the data has been deleted, burned, flooded or physically damaged, computer forensic experts can recover the evidence.

What is Computer Forensics
Computer forensics, sometimes known as "Digital Forensics" or "Electronic Evidence Discovery", is often described as "the preservation, recovery and analysis of information stored on computers and electronic media".