Forensic investigations performed for:

  • Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement
  • Criminal Investigators
  • Law Firms
  • Civil Litigants
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banking Institutions and Regulators
  • Auditors and Accounting Firms
  • Corporations
  • Small and Medium Businesses

Expert Witness Service

An expert witness provides testimony, documentation and witness preparation to help present forensically discovered evidence in legal proceedings to help you prove and win your case.

An Expert Witness is a specialized and quickly growing field of investigation within Computer Forensics and E-Discovery.

Expert witnesses are key to witness preparation and computer forensics.

Expert witnesses are a leading defense, or offense - depending on which side of the litigation you are on. An Expert witness service typically works closely with a computer forensics investigator, or perhaps has the credentials and experience of both.

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Computer Forensic Process
We can capture and collect data virtually from any location within the United States. If the data has been deleted, burned, flooded or physically damaged, computer forensic experts can recover the evidence.

Forensics investigations, evidence acquisition, data analysis, device imaging, expert witness and litigation support at locations across the US.