Forensic investigations performed for:

  • Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement
  • Criminal Investigators
  • Law Firms
  • Civil Litigants
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banking Institutions and Regulators
  • Auditors and Accounting Firms
  • Corporations
  • Small and Medium Businesses


Computer Forensics Legal Resources

Federal Rules of Evidence

Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Approved by the Supreme Court:
Submitted to Congress (April 2006)
- (Effective December 1, 2006)

Rule 26 - What you need to know

Rule 34 - What you need to know

Rule 45 - What you need to know

For computer forensics investigation and electronic evidence analysis,
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Computer forensic investigation has become a vital tool and source of information for gathering evidence from electronic devices to aid criminal investigators, corporate counsel, and prosecutors collect, analyze and present evidence in court.

Expert Witness Services
provides testimony, documentation and witness preparation to help present discovered electronic data in legal proceedings to help you prove and win your case.

Forensics investigations, evidence acquisition, data analysis, device imaging, expert witness and litigation support at locations across the US.