Business Fraud Investigation
Employee treachery can be a serious issue that includes embezzling funds, stealing clients, or even distributing company secrets.

Small businesses often lack the expertise within their company to solve these crimes by themselves, and need to be pointed in the direction of the best choice of help for them, when dealing with a fraud investigation. 

Computer Forensic Associates offer computer forensic investigations that will find the culprit, prosecute, and gain retribution for the perpetrator’s actions.

With today’s technology, it is easy for an employee to steal client data, sell tips or formulas to a competing company, or use the company’s knowledge and tools to start their own business while still working for the company.

At the same time, today’s technology can be all you need to catch the crook, by finding the evidence so that the business can successfully prosecute. A computer forensic expert will examine computers and electronic storage devices to uncover the evidence needed to prove a case.

What is a computer forensics expert? Read on to find out and discover how Computer Forensic Associates can help you.
Computer Forensics Associates is one of the leaders in computer forensics. We work closely with our customers, and treat their cases like our own.
A computer forensics expert is someone who has gone through training to become a “digital detective,” as well as knowing how to successfully record, investigate, analyze, and back up evidence from all electronic devices. These devices include, but are not limited to, computers, tapes, cell phones, and any other storage media.

 A third party investigation can improve a case by up to 95%!
Why would a company need to hire a computer forensic for business fraud?
An employee steals client data and or current jobs as their own.
Embezzling of company funds.
Selling tips, tricks, and formulas to a competing company.
Using a company’s time, equipment, and money to start a business of their own.
Intentionally sabotaging the company the employee works for.
The employee want to get even with a boss(es).
The employee feels that they deserve more than they are being given.  
The employee feels the company makes a lot of money, yet provide enough to its employees.
How can computer forensics help me?
We will find out who has been interacting via email. Even if email has been deleted, formatted, or hidden, we can recover the evidence. We will be able to tell if more than one employee or outside accomplices has been involved.
We can find and recover any deleted or formatted files related to the issue.

We can tell when and what files, emails, and documents have been copied to another computer or storage device. We can also tell the dates, times, and which computer it was copied from.
Utilizing our real-time forensic imaging and live data acquisition we can capture forensic images faster, in order to preserve the evidence and prevent loss of vital evidence.

Why does a company need computer forensic help?
Computer forensics will provide admissible evidence of the misconduct.

We will find out if more than one employee has been involved in the crime.

We can also provide companies with an expert witness testify in court.

We provide a detailed chain of custody that tells, what has been done to the evidence, how it was found, and who handled the evidence while in our hands. This is vital for the judge to know it has not been tampered with.

We will provide a business with the evidence they need to help gain restitution.

It will also prevent a company from having to pay for unemployment to the terminated employees.

Why hire Computer Forensics Associates before any other solutions?
We ensure that the evidence is properly acquired, and handled with care, so that the evidentiary status is maintained.
The evidence can then be admitted into court without questions of if the evidence was tampered. Questions of tampering could potentially damage a case.
Computer Forensics Associates will ensure that the evidence needed, is properly handled, stored, and acquired, the first time around, because in many cases, there is not second chance. 
Computer Forensics Associates will not waste business’s time or money. Instead, we will perform the investigation based on certain criteria given by the business, to uncover the evidence in question.

We guarantee 100% confidentiality

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