Computer Forensics Specialists For Attorneys

Your job is to prove your client’s innocence or prove the opposing party’s guilt.

Our job is to make sure all electronic evidence is appropriate for use in the court of law.


There are times when data on a hard drive or other drive type needs to be repaired and or recovered and maintained for use in court.

Through Computer Forensics Associates you can have both in one shot. Computer specialists at Computer Forensics Associates are not only forensic certified but know how to repair/recover data off of hard drives.

By using our expertise, you eliminate extra hands aiding in electronic evidence recovery.

Computer Forensics Associates is one of the leaders in computer forensics. We work closely with our customers and treat their cases like our own.

In cases when you’ll need to gather electronic data evidence from any of these electronic devices, we can help!

Computer hard drive
USB external hard drive
Flash drive

Computer Forensics Associates can recover and perform forensic investigations on these devices and more. If files have been deleted, or password protected we can recover the files and crack the passwords to restore access to critical evidence.

Data Acquisition
We offer on-site acquisition and forensic imaging nationwide. This ensures the evidence is captured properly and provides a forensic image to perform the analysis on.

Forensic Investigation
Each forensic investigation is based on your specific criteria. From formatted devices to deleted files, we uncover the evidence you need to help prove your case.

We can find and recover deleted or formatted files pertaining to the theft or hiding evidence that they did take funds.

We can tell when and which files, emails, documents, or records have been copied to another computer or device. We can also tell which computer it was copied from.

Chain of Custody Reports
Our forensic experts keep a detailed record of everything that has been done to the device, where it was stored and who has handled it.

Letter of Preservation
Our computer forensics examiners will quickly and efficiently write this letter and deliver it in order to gain immediate access to vital evidence.

Expert Witness
Our forensic investigators can also act as a third party expert witness in court relating to the evidence found.

We guarantee 100% confidentiality


Call us now to have a secure conversation with one of our computer forensics to answer anymore questions you have about our process.