Investigations for corporate employee embezzlement

When a corporation realizes an employee is embezzling how do you find the dishonest employees without letting everyone go?

We offer computer forensic data recovery to find the culprit, prosecute and gain retribution for their actions.

With today’s technology, it is easy for an employee to embezzle company funds without you knowing about it until your records just don’t add up.

At the same time, today’s technology can be all you need to catch the crook and find evidence to prosecute. A computer forensic data recovery company can retrieve the evidence you need to prove an employee is stealing. 

Computer Forensics Associates is one of the industry leaders in electronic forensic work. We work closely with corporate counsel and attorneys to find the evidence needed to help prove your case.

Computer forensics ensures evidence is legally acquired and recorded so that every piece of evidence will be admissible in court.


How can computer forensics help me?

We will uncover deleted or formatted emails to see which employees have been communicating with each other about embezzlement. 

We can find and recover deleted or formatted files pertaining to the theft or hiding evidence that they did take funds.

We can tell when and which files, emails, documents, or records have been copied to another computer or device. We can also tell which computer it was copied from.


Why do I need computer forensic help?

You will have admissible, forensic evidence of the embezzlement issues.

We will find out if more than one employee has been involved in the crime.

We can provide expert witness testimony about our findings.

We keep an accurate chain of custody which documents what has been done to recover the evidence, how it was found, and who handled the evidence while in our hands. This is vital for the judge to know it has not been tampered with.

This will help you prove your case and gain restitution.

It can also prevent you from having to pay unemployment to employees due to termination.


We guarantee 100% confidentiality


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