Employee theft investigations uncover evidence of employee theft, fraud, embezzlement

When you suspect an employee is stealing clients, business trade secrets, intellectual property, committing fraud or embezzling money, you need to find and document the evidence to prove your case.

In many cases the employee or employees leave traces of evidence in emails that lead to specific information that was shared or stolen and who it was shared with. Even when files or emails are deleted a trained computer forensic expert can uncover this deleted evidence and recreate a chain of events that proves guilt so you can prosecute.

Take these steps if you suspect employee theft, employee fraud or embezzlement:

  • Identify all computers, laptops and external devices that may hold potential evidence.
  • Secure the suspect computers and prevent further use until a forensic image can be acquired.
  • Begin documenting why you suspect theft, fraud or embezzlement.
  • Contact a computer forensics company like Computer Forensics Associates and make arrangements for to capture a forensically sound image so you preserve the evidence and prevent tampering or spoliation.


Forensic Investigations can be performed on the following:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Cell phones, iPhones, smart phones, Android phones
  • Servers
  • RAID
  • Tapes


Why do I need computer forensic help?

So you willl have admissible, forensic evidence of the employee theft, fraud or embezzlement issues.

To determine if more than one employee has been involved in the crime.

Access to expert witness testimony should you need it.

So you have an accurate chain of custody which documents what has been done, how the evidence was preserved how and where it was found, and who handled the evidence while in our hands.

To show the judge the evidence has been properly preserved and has not been tampered with.

Prevent you from having to pay unemployment benefits to employees due to wrongful termination lawsuits.


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