Computer Forensic Services:

Computer forensics, sometimes known as “Digital Forensics” or “Electronic Evidence Discovery”, is often described as “the preservation, recovery and analysis of information stored on computers or other electronic media”.

Services include:

  • Forensic imaging

  • NIDA (Non-Invasive Data Acquisition)

  • Electronic evidence analysis

  • Electronic Investigation

  • Expert witness service

  • Litigation Support

  • Electronic Investigation

  • Electronic Records Management

  • Forensic Data Recovery (for damaged drives)



Investigations Into:

  • Corporate E-mail

  • Intellectual Property Disputes

  • Wrongful Termination Disputes

  • Acts By Disgruntled Employee(s)

  • Employee Activity (Search for excessive personal browsing during work hours)

  • Divorce Cases

  • Insurance Fraud Cases

  • Stalking, Hacking, Illegal Activity

  • Employee Theft

  • Business Fraud

Computer forensics investigations

Computer forensic investigation has become a vital tool and source of information for gathering evidence from electronic devices to aid criminal investigators, corporate counsel, and prosecutors collect, analyze and present evidence in court.


Electronic evidence acquisition

Digital evidence can be collected from many sources including computers, iPhones, cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, hard drives, CD-ROM, USB memory devices, and more.

Special care must be taken when handling and acquiring computer evidence to avoid spoliation.


Digital evidence analysis

Computer forensics investigators use their skills to identify the evidence you need to prove your case by analyzing evidence including, lost bits of information; looking for data trails, email correspondence, viewing and collecting time & date stamps and organizing evidence found in report form.

Forensic imaging

Forensic imaging is usually done at the sector level. A bit-stream copy of the entire media being imaged and not just a duplication of the data or file system is created. A write protection device or application that prevents contamination of the evidentiary media during the forensic imaging process is used to accomplish this task.


Expert witness services

An expert witness provides testimony, documentation and witness preparation to help present forensically obtained data in legal proceedings to help you prove and win your case.

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