When there is a forensic litigation, forensic evidence analysis is a very important part of the process. Without it, the preserved and extracted evidence will not be properly separated. Forensic evidence analysis includes complete time and date stamping on every piece of data discovered.

Forensic evidence analysis is not only the separating and sorting of data. It also includes a final written paper that states what the investigation results are and what evidence will be relevant in court presentation. The final report can also be given via email or through other electronic sources besides a hard copy.

So, what exactly is Computer Forensics?
It involves several specific realms of process. The main categories are:

  1. The identification of electronic evidence relevant to your case.
  2. Complete preservation of electronic evidence discovered.
  3. The extraction of hidden, lost, and deleted data.
  4. Finally, the presentation of analyzed evidence.

Forensic evidence analysis is in between the extraction and presentation processes. Once all of the data has been extracted, the analysis department sorts through all of the evidence and divides it by subject, then documents the time and date stamps of acquired evidence. After that process is complete, we are able to provide you with a summary report of relevant evidence.

During the analysis process, we put all of the evidence into a searchable, viewable format. This creates an easy way to search for whichever documents you may need at the moment or sometime in the future.

Along with our evidence analysis, we combine every other aspect of computer forensics together to make sure our clients have completely legitimate evidence for their court case.

We keep a detailed chain of custody. Every person that works with your evidence fills out who they are, what they did with the device, and at what time it was completed.

We also have a very high security system and evidence safe, where we keep all evidence locked up when not processing evidence.

All of our forensic evidence analyzers are certified and have extensive experience. They can be called on for deposition or expert witnesses if needed.


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