Normally, computer fraud and misuse can be very difficult to detect. Helping companies to identify certain computer and mobile phone abuse in the workplace is very important in combating the access of any inappropriate websites, computer frauds and the loss of Intellectual Property. The world of computer crime investigation as a result has continued to expand, and a lot of clients are turning to investigations experts or specialists in order to receive expert guidance in order to recover evidence of whether any misuse has occurred.

These companies must follow all Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines on preserving and handling digital evidence. Besides undertaking their own investigations a lot of companies will also work with other organizations by out-sourcing because many companies may not have the resources or knowledge to recover evidence or undertake these projects internally.

A mobile phone forensic investigation also uses techniques consistent with ACPO standards in retrieving text and picture messages, photos, call logs, videos, internet history, address books and many other types of associated information that could be utilized in an examination. It can be very difficult to recover evidence that has been deleted, hidden or lost but there are experts who know how to do it and still keep the information that has been gathered reliable and accurate so it can be used as evidence in a court of law.

/ Any forensic phone investigator must work from a properly or known certified mobile phone forensic lab, and the team of analysts must be specialists in varying types of phone software and hardware. They must also be aware that each phone model is different and also requires targeted, specific skills and techniques for forensic purposes.

All computer misuse investigations must be handled comprehensively and properly to eliminate the threat of legal challenges. This may also, for example follow allegations of intellectual property theft or wrong use of company computers that may lead to contract terminations.

When the situation arises, always be sure to contract a team that can recover evidence very well and provide expert witness testimony in court or at a tribunal as to how the evidence was recovered and handled. They should also be able to show and outline the procedures and processes involved in the investigation and any conclusions that were reached. The group or company should have a proven track record in rendering professional expert witness services in court ensuring that any delicate technical issues that form part of the examination will be presented in an easily understood way.

In a computer crime investigation, communication is the main key. Clients should expect regular updates and, following completion of the present examination, the analyst must show their clients with a jargon-free document detailing the degree of computer misuse, if any, that has been found.

Computer Forensics Crime Investigation will always be helpful in gathering, analyzing and discovering evidence related to criminal activity. Corporations, law firms, government and law enforcement agencies rely heavily on computer forensic analysis to recover evidence from all types of digital and electronic storage devices to aid in protecting the public and prosecuting crimes.

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