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Electronic discovery services locate, identify, preserve and manage electronic documents.

In almost every legal matter, critical and relevant evidence is stored electronically. Proper identification, collection and examination of this evidence is critical to meet discovery demands and for proper risk management.

As a Chief Litigation Officer, you are tasked with being able to produce documents, emails and other business records when your company is served with discovery demands. A daunting task to be sure, especially when electronically created data resides on hundreds of computers in multiple departments, laptops issued to mobile users and servers located in many states or outside the US.

In most cases, IT departments are ill prepared, short handed and lack the tools to quickly and accurately produce the required documents. One of the biggest hurdles IT departments face is computer users. Individual computer users are notorious for circumventing the best laid plans by IT departments. They create files and folders on their desktops, send emails to friends and associates, create or modify crucial business documents that never make it to a backup archive and no one knows where or how many locations certain documents, emails and business records reside across your company’s networks.

Electronic Evidence Discovery (E-Discovery)

Electronic evidence discovery (also known as Electronic Discovery or E-Discovery) collection gives you the winning edge by identifying, locating, preserving and analyzing relevant evidence from electronic media to help you prove your case. Litigation support includes implementing litigation holds to preserve relevant records, de-duplication, records management, document review, record retention and destruction.

Make sure your evidence gets properly documented by using a true and tested E-discovery company!

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